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Macaw Software announces the availability of Community Edition (CE)

Macaw Software announces the availability of Community Edition (CE) of its flagship Macaw platform to enable software developers and groups to effectively develop and operate Microservices based applications. This edition is free for use by developers and application teams. For support, Macaw users can post questions at https://www.stackoverflow.com with hashtag #macaw. Macaw and its partners will respond as early as possible.

Macaw is container-ready natively that orchestrates the necessary environment and tools to build, deploy and manage modern apps based on Macaw Microservices. Macaw provides various built-in and readily usable core application services i.e. database, security, messaging, registry, API gateway, load-balancer/HA, etc. that are essential for rapid development and turn-key operations. New Microservices can be architected using any preferred programming language with its extensible SDK. Current Macaw CE version (0.9.3) supports Java and future versions will be adding support to other popular languages.

Macaw offers the following deployment options:

  • Vagrant/Virtual Box – suitable for use on personal laptop/developer workstation
  • VMWare environments using OVF – suitable for team/shared environments
  • AWS using the provided AMI – suitable for developers/teams using AWS
  • Existing Linux Hosts with CentOS – Works on any Cloud/VM/Container/Baremetal

Detailed instructions are provided for each of the above scenarios at https://www.macaw.io/documentation/default/

Highlights of Macaw Community Edition (CE):

  • For developers, Macaw provides Microservice modeling, codegen, build and publish toolsets and essential services like database, logging, identity etc. to foster rapid development and focuses on application logic and experiences.
  • For operations, Macaw yields management capabilities such as monitoring, scaling, load balancing and CI/CD integration for accelerating release/feature velocity. Infrastructure agnostic deployment flexibility for unified operations across hybrid environments is a substantial plus.
  • Built on top of highly scalable and resilient and distributed messaging infrastructure to support the needs of enterprises and service providers.
  • Equipped with self-governance capabilities, scaling policies and log search to manage, govern and debug applications at scale in near real time
  • Renders complete container support including container management, orchestration and deployment flexibility to popular resource schedulers and infrastructure runtimes.
  • A Host of out of the box integrations that come with the platform, including extensible SDK that development community can use for their custom needs.

Key Benefits:

  • Faster innovation: Macaw apps are composed of several smaller Microservices allowing app owners and ops teams to frequently and independently update, evolve and release functionality to customers. This enables customers to achieve faster innovation.
  • Presents potential to adopt big data and IOT use cases: High throughput messaging infrastructure coupled with built-in big data and Micro Analytics support grants enterprises implementation capacity in frequent use cases.
  • Improved customer experience: Through fundamentally resilient and fault tolerant business services, improved experiences are delivered to customers.
  • Reduces Technology Lock-in risks: By imparting container adoption and abstracting applications from core infrastructure, flexibility is gained in choosing technology stack and underlying clouds.
  • Reduces application and infra costs: Accommodates fine grained auto-scaling policies and real-time monitoring to qualify enterprises to significantly reduce their operation and capex costs.

Downloading Community Edition

If you are interested in Macaw Software’s community edition, you can submit your request https://www.macaw.io/macaw-download/ and we will provide the link to binaries and documentation.

For Upgrading Your Community Edition to Standard/Premium Edition

Macaw is offering Community, Standard and Enterprise editions. Please contact sales – sales@macaw.io for further details on how to upgrade your community edition to receive support and additional premium services

Useful Links

Platform    – macaw.io/platform-overview

Blog           – macaw.io/macawblog

Twitter       – @macawbuzz


About Macaw Software

Macaw Software, Inc. is an emerging software vendor focused on expertly building next generation application architectures and innovative software platforms. Macaw platform is Macaw Software’s flagship offering, the industry’s most comprehensive and prescriptive Microservices development and governance platform. Macaw administers an Application Modernization path for enterprises to configure modern application architectures leveraging Containers, DevOps, Microservices and Micro Analytics. Macaw accelerates enterprises’ cloud native journey by providing built-in foundational services and turnkey operational capabilities. Macaw Software is headquartered in Pleasanton, CA with branch offices in Pune and Hyderabad, India.


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