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Macaw extends Push Notifications Capability to AWS SNS and Lambda

Macaw Push Notifications capability now extends to AWS Simple Notification Services (SNS) and Lambda. Macaw simplifies sending and receiving messages between distributed applications across AWS and on-premises enterprise applications. Macaw customers can take advantage of this capability to seamlessly send notifications, push events, trigger workflows, and to push messages to downstream systems.

Macaw lets users to define publish and subscribe notifications in Microservices. It provides a clear separation of API and implementation. Macaw also allows services to define the notifications they publish as a part of the service contract. Other services that are interested in consuming/subscribing to such notifications, can then define such subscriptions in their service definition. Macaw platform, at runtime, then does the necessary routing of these published notifications to the relevant clusters of the subscribing Microservices. This is transparent to the service development and the service itself doesn’t have to know anything about the subscriptions.

Macaw platform provides smooth and seamless integration with existing cloud environments or even development tools and methodologies. Macaw notifications published in Microservices can be “routed” to AWS SNS topics. The platform can be dynamically setup to route certain select notifications (from any number of Macaw Microservices) to target AWS SNS topics, belonging to one or more AWS accounts. The AWS environment, is itself external to the Macaw platform. The advantage of such routing of Macaw notifications to an AWS setup lets existing infrastructure and tooling to be utilized for notification handling without having to reconfigure or reconstitute anything afresh.

Imagine a setup where AWS has been configured to read off a SNS topic, for incoming notifications, and then consume that notification in a AWS Lambda, AWS SQS and other similar endpoint subscriptions. This setup could also be sending out alerts through SMS or emails for certain notifications. Macaw AWS notification router feature allows this entire setup to be seamlessly integrated into a Macaw installation, thus allowing for notifications generated within the Macaw infrastructure (things like alerts) to be handled in the same uniform way. Furthermore, Macaw also allows notifications from within AWS to flow into Macaw and be consumed/subscribed to by Microservices running within Macaw.

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