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Introducing Macaw Platform

In our previous blog we shared our views on enterprise approaches for microservices adoption, and how a platform approach provides significant benefits to enterprises. Our flagship offering, Macaw, is a comprehensive pure-play microservices platform to enable enterprises to effectively design, develop, deploy and operate microservices based applications. Macaw provides a prescriptive path to transform existing monolithic applications or build new cloud native applications. Macaw accelerates microservices adoption by providing many built-in foundational services, scalable runtime and turnkey operational capabilities.

Macaw Highlights and Benefits:

  • For developers, Macaw provides microservice modeling, codegen, build and publish toolsets and essential services like database, logging, identity to foster rapid development.
  • For operations, Macaw provides management and governance capabilities like monitoring, scaling, load balancing and CI/CD integration for accelerating feature velocity and infrastructure agnostic deployment flexibility for unified operations across hybrid environments.
  • Offers Enterprise grade capabilities such as multi-tenancy, consistent policy enforcement and an extensive service catalog featuring OSS integrations such as ticketing, identity and monitoring.
  • Built-in self-governance capabilities such as message correlation, event visualization, service graphs, scaling policies and log search to manage, govern and debug applications at scale in near real time.
  • Complete container support including container management, orchestration and deployment flexibility to popular resource schedulers and infrastructure runtimes.
  • Provides several out of the box integrations that come with the platform, including extensible SDK that enterprises can use for their custom needs.
  • Many built-in core, essential services like database, logging, identity etc., coupled with third party integrations available through its service catalogue, enables enterprises to release software much more quickly and efficiently.

Macaw is a turn-key platform created ground-up to create a modern development and operational environment for microservices applications. “Customers are in pursuit of Microservices and Containers to build their next generation applications. We contend to entrust enterprises with a comprehensive and turnkey microservices platform stacked up and down with inherent core services and capabilities like multi-tenancy, built-in security and scalability. With Macaw, customers are freed up from underlying complexities and can confidently focus on building business logic and innovation in their applications. We are changing the way enterprises approach and build Microservices based applications with our prescriptive platform. We are making it easier for developers to quickly build Microservices based applications” says Satyan Raju, CDO of Macaw Software. “And most often times, enterprises overlook the operational aspects of Microservices. The complexity to manage and execute Microservices based applications without built-in self-governance capabilities greatly increases with time.”

Stay tuned for our next blog for insights on Macaw solutions and use cases.

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