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Exciting new features of Macaw release 0.9.4 – Event Analytics

Service Event Collection and Analytics (SECA ) Service provides end-to-end visibility, real time analytics into the health and performance of business functionality built as micro services using Macaw platform.

SECA service can be easily configured to capture service events from services and provide insights such as:

  • Method invocations that are taking long time to complete (i.e. having slow response times)
  • Method invocations that completed with failures, along with the reason for the failure.
  • Metrics such as method invocation throughput rate, error rate, response time percentiles, etc.
  • Ability to drill-down from slow / failed invocations and obtain details of interactions involving other services participating in those invocations. These are invocations/transactions where multiple services collaborate to execute business function/process. Each interaction is identified by a correlation-id.
  • Access application logs corresponding to each slow or failed invocation.

Using the functionality provided by SECA, users can quickly isolate performance bottlenecks and easily identify the source of the performance problem. Similarly users can detect the service invocations that failed and quickly identify the root cause of the failure.

Invocation Metrics:

Slow Invocation Details:

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