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Macaw + Kubernetes delivers complete
Cloud Native Stack

Cloud native journey made easy and simple with
Macaw and Kubernetes

Cloud-native is an approach to building and running applications that fully exploit the advantages of the cloud computing delivery model, namely agility and innovation. A commonality among these cloud native applications is microservices architecture, containerized services, and distributed management and orchestration.

Macaw Platform supports microservice provisioning to environments backed by Kubernetes cluster. Macaw Service provisioner leverages the Kubernetes deployment declaratives to orchestrate the seamless creation and management of service pods.
One stop
Microservices Platform
Macaw: Offers Development + Polyglot Run time + Operations
One stop
Container Platform
Kubernetes: Offers scale and orchestration layer for containers
One stop
integrated Cloud Native Stack
Macaw + Kubernetes: offers one of the complete Cloud Native stacks

High level features supported by Macaw platform
leveraging Kubernetes environment

  • The ability to provision Service Blueprints into environments backed by Kubernetes cluster.
  • Support for Kubernetes virtual clusters (Namespaces)
  • Support for multiple instances in a Service cluster
  • The ability to view and managed service clusters/pods in Macaw Console
  • The ability to scale up and scale down a Service cluster
  • Rolling update of a Service cluster with a new image
  • Leverage Macaw supported integrations for on-demand container host provisioning required to run Kubernetes clusters in any cloud
  • Other critical management and governance features from Macaw extended to Kubernetes clusters/pods
The 12 Factors

Quickly Build 12 Factor Microservices based Applications

Platform Overview

Purpose built for enterprise grade distributed cloud-native applications


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